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Antigone in New York - 2004, opened at the Galileo Theatre, Madrid; Teheran, Iran; Stockholm, Sweden; in Poland: Teatr Nowy, Lodz; Teatr w Pulawach; Teatr w Koszalinie.

The Fourth Sister - 2003-2004 The National Theatre Athens, Greece; the National Theatre Novi Sad, Serbia; the National Theatre Bratislava Slovakia; Le Theatres Silvia Montfort, Paris, France; also published in L’Avant Scene Theatre; play opened also in Budapest and in Sofia.

Cinders 2004 - The National Theatre Warsaw, Poland; new version published in the theatre publication.

The last Super (Ostatni Ciec) a novel, Inostranka Publishing, Moscow, Russia; Die Unterhose, die Lotterie und das Schwein Scarabeus Publishing House, Innsbruck, Austria. 

The Authobiographical Novel "Z glowy" the Berthelsman Publishing Warsaw, Poland (October, 2004). Number one bestseller for several weeks.


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