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Hunting Cockroaches


An immigrant couple spends a sleepless night in a poor Manhattan apartment on the Lower East Side, haunted by cockroaches and nightmares from the past, present and future.

“Quintessentially brash…Delightful New York play….a Polish reverie about the American dream…Dianne Wiest lets go as she never has in the theatre. A comic triumph. Ron Silver’s performance is always charming.”

-Frank Rich, N.Y Times, March 4, 1987

“Very funny and touching…Mr. Glowacki is an original and delightful dramatist.”

-Edith Oliver, The New Yorker

“A comedy, one of the funniest... sharpest... sweetest... enchanting... a perfect delight. If Mr. Glowacki hasn’t got his green card by now, I do suggest to the immigration authorities that he seems a worthy case. We ought to keep him.”

-Clive Barnes, The New York Post, March 4, 1987

“A vibrant farce by Polish émigré Janusz Glowacki evoking the plight of refugee intellectuals.”

-William A. Henry III, Time Magazine, January 4, 1988

“Offers theatergoers the bracing experience of seeing the world from a completely lucid yet totally skewed point of view. Mr. Glowacki, who found himself stranded in the West when martial law was declared in Poland, has clearly beaten the cockroaches-and maybe some of his demons as well.”

-Sylviane Gold, Wall Street Journal, March 18, 1987

“…Sassy and likeable.”

-John Simon, New York Magazine

“A bittersweet comedy, alternately poignant and burlesque…”

-Mimi Kramer, Vanity Fair

“An extremely funny and exhilarating play. Arthur Penn has superbly directed. Blessings on Janusz Glowacki for ‘Hunting Cockroaches.’”

-William A. Raidy, Newhouse Newspapers.

“Don’t judge ‘Hunting Cockroaches’ by the title…There is a quality of existential stasis here that reminds of Beckett’s absurdist plays.”

-Anne Holmes, Houston Chronicle


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