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“To put it poetically, (Glowacki) is a writer whose subject matter is that rare combination of the socially relevant and the socially human. He can look steadfastly into the black depths of the human condition and still have the faith and conviction to find sunlight in the rubble.”

-Joseph Papp

“That Fortinbras is a wickedly funny play…I guess, it’s really about the final end of politics as a moral quantity- all that remains of it is the lifeboat situation- places for eight with twelve people trying to get in…Still Glowacki’s work has some kind of hope secretly hidden in it. Maybe it’s only because it makes laughter- if you don’t burst the stitches and bleed to death.”

-Arthur Miller

“Extremely clever and provocative writing…Set in a girls’ reform school near Warsaw, Cinders is about what happens when a documentary director arrives to film the inmates as they perform a dramatization of the fairy tale. Mr. Glowacki has a keen ability to mine the dark absurdist humor in the language of terror and to make elegant Kafkaesque comedy out of his nation’s ongoing nightmare of repression.”

-Frank Rich, N.Y Times

“Good performances by Christopher Walken, George Guidall and Robin Gammell. Lucinda Jenney, the Cinderella of ‘Cinders’ is a touching and lonely figure of resistance in a world where such bravery is the only hope.”

-Frank Rich, WQXR


“Janusz Glowacki’s highly theatrical and often hilarious works concern the immigrant experience of the Eastern European in America, the struggles of the individual in a repressive state, and the manipulations of political and social power. The girls’ reform school of ‘Cinders,’ the lower East Side tenement of ‘Hunting Cockroaches,’ and the Norweigan court littered with bodies in ‘Fortinbras Gets Drunk,’ serve as backdrops for Glowacki’s tragicomic explorations of the play within the play of contemporary existence.”

-Northewesten University Press

“An eminent American sociology professor asked me about the heroes of Glowacki’s play. What are they like? Whenever the Polish writer Julian Stryjkowski was asked how old he was, he used to say “I am as old as everybody else.” What are Glowacki’s heroes like? Like everybody else. Like all of us….”

-Jan Kott (about Antigone in New York)


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